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The Commoners

Jessica Bromley Bartram

J-Bartram-commonersJessica Bromley Bartram is an illustrator, graphic designer and embroidery enthusiast who lives in Toronto and, when she’s not working at her desk, enjoys exploring the city with Eleanor, her beagle-shaped sidekick. She has a degree in English from the University of Guelph and is currently finishing a second degree in Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Her studio is filled to bursting with all kinds of different materials and media, including watercolours, embroidery thread, gouache, fancy papers, and an always-growing collection of fabrics. Many of these analogue items show up in both her illustration and design work, bringing warmth and character to the things she creates (and appealing to her constant desire for new artistic experiences!).

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email –  jess [at ]
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Ian Sullivan Cant

ianIan Sullivan Cant is a writer, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and wannabe balloonist.

He has a degree in Creative Writing from Concordia University which he used to publish a book in 2009, even though it’s mostly pictures.

Check out his artwork at

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Eleanor Bruce Roosevelt Bartram-Alexander (named in honour of a former beagle of the Alexander family & an important/inspiring historical figure) is a slightly stumpy, extremely friendly, and hilariously weird beagle-mix.

She enjoys wearing colourful bandanas, wrestling at the dog park, begging for carrots, and being a merciless critic of our work via drawn-out sighs and pointed whines. As honourary dog-member of the Commonwealth, Eleanor’s duties are being petted on the belly, having her ears stroked, and demanding regular walks.